tutorials: Keybindings & Shortcuts

OT Sketch 101

Keybindings & Shortcuts

In this tutorial, you will be orientated to OT Sketch keybindings and shorcuts.


Top down view of a bathroom with a flat shower, toilet, handrail, door and vanity.
Example accessible image of bathroom environment with a toilet, handrail, vanity and flat shower.

OT Sketch 101

Easy To Use Shortcuts

You have a range of easy to use shorcuts in OT Sketch including:

  • Copy – CTRL + C
  • Cut – CTRL + X
  • Paste – CTRL + V
  • Move item – mouse or up, down, left, right arrows

You also have the ability to lock the measurement axis.

Side view of landings with steps and rails drawn to specification. Uses two ramps and two landings.

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