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OT Sketch 101


In this tutorial, learn how to use the measurement tool in 2D (top view) and 3D.


Design Accurately

Measure in 3D & Top View

Creat accurate measurement for your minor and major home modification designs.

  • Measure Horizontally
  • Measure Verically
  • Snap to increments such as mm, cm and m

Measurements easy to read when exported.

Set of 2m x 2m stairs connected to a landing totalling 4.5m in length

Metric Scale Drawing

Select Between 1mm, 1cm, 1dcm & 1m Measurement Increments

OT Sketch allows you to draw measurement lines to any size.

  • For fast measurement of walls, use meter or decimeter options
  • For fine measurements of certain thresholds, use the mm or cm snapping

Snapping to increments allows for easy and enjoyable measuring.

Accurate Measurements

Exact Dimensions

OT Sketch makes it easy to design with exact dimensions.

  • Right side panel allows you to enter your dimensions
  • Application is to scale

Measurements are always exact because the OT Sketch application is to scale in 2d and 3d.

3D image of a set of stairs with two rails. The height of the rails is indicated, as well as the length of the stairs and landing.
Set of stairs connected to a landing. The stairs width and length is indicated. There is two handrails to support the stairs.

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