OT Sketch 3D

Design 3D home modifications such as ramps, stairs, rails, floor plans and bathrooms.

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Home Modification Software for Occupational Therapists

3D offers a more advanced yet incredibly powerful solution.

  • Create in top view & 3d at the same time
  • Suited for 3D features such as ramps, stairs and rails
  • Design to scale

Design 3D elements like ramps and steps with precision.

Perfectly Accurate Measurements

At OT Sketch, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience for Occupational Therapists.

Our features include:

  • Metric and imperial measurement support
  • Design minor or major modifications
  • Export designs for your reports

Enhance your practice with precise and versatile measurement tools.

Simple Stairs

Easily create stairs of any specification.

  • Choose amount of steps
  • Display tread or rise
  • Create uniform steps, or steps with different sizes each

After you make stairs, you can add rails of any specification too!

Ramp Mastery

Create simple or highly complex ramps with ease.

  • Adjust the height, width, and length of the ramp
  • Automatically calculate the ratio and gradient to meet standards
  • Export designs for your reports

Achieve precision and versatility in your ramp designs.

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Easy, Precise Home Mod Design for Occupational Therapists

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With our tutorials, calculators and articles, you can learn everything there is to know about designing professional home modifications.


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