OT Sketch Photos

Allows you to take photos on your phone, add measurements, and instantly work on it when back in the office.

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Take Photos at Home Visits

Easy Access: No need to go through app stores; simply log in to our website on your mobile device.

Saved to Cloud: Capture photos on-site and access them instantly in the office, eliminating the need for app-switching and emailing attachments.

Cost Savings: Bundle your subscriptions for phone apps and computer software, reducing your expenses.

Across Devices: Login to your account on any device.

Store Your Photos in One Place

Centralised Storage: All your photos are stored centrally and easily accessible. Unlike a cluttered camera roll, OT Sketch ensures quick retrieval and updates, boosting your efficiency.

Autosaving: OT Sketch is continuously saving your work without manual intervention. This lowers the chance of data loss, providing peace of mind and letting you focus on designing.

Modern, Simple User Interface

Intuitive Design: OT Sketch offers a clean, user-friendly interface, allowing you to focus on your work without unnecessary distractions. The streamlined layout ensures ease of use and quick navigation.

Essential Tools Only: Equipped with only the drawing tools OTs need, OT Sketch eliminates clutter and complexity. This “less is more” approach enhances efficiency and productivity.

See OT Sketch Photos in Action

Capture, measure & design on top of photos with ease.