Our mission is to make designing home modifications easy and enjoyable for Occupational Therapists. But we thought you might be interested in why we do what we do and who we are!

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It was all a Dream…

How it all began

OT Sketch began when an Australian Occupational Therapy company and several developers thought surely designing home modifications could be easier?

With that in mind, we started building OT Sketch!

Plenty of coffee…A lot of video calls…Maybe a few late nights…And…..OT Sketch was born!

We are so passionate about OT Sketch being the best home modifications design software!

If you have features you would like OT Sketch to have – let us know!

Our best feature suggestions have come from our customers, our Occupational Therapists.

Who we are

At OT Sketch, our values influence every decision we make. Whether it is how we work together as a team and write emails to each other or when we build a new feature for you, our customers, our Occupational Therapists & our values guide our actions to ensure we do it the OT Sketch way.


Our vision is one of accessibility.

We believe the world can and should be more accessible.

We want people to have accessible homes and communities so they can live life how they want to, no matter what “disability” they may be living with.




Our mission is to make designing home modifications easy and enjoyable for Occupational Therapists.


We believe the little things matter

We know that the little things often matter most! We are always looking for ways to make the OT Sketch experience better, know matter how “little” the change may seem.

We are humble

We love learning and definitely don’t mind being wrong! If we make a mistake, we own it and we learn from it!

We keep it simple

Keeping it simple is actually complex, especially with software. To ensure OT Sketch is simple to use, we always ask “if it was simple, what would it look like?”.

We treat people how we would like to be treated

We aim to make the world a better place and that starts by treating people with respect and compassion. Always.

Our Leadership Team

Rhys Hughes. Lead developer at OT Sketch headshot.

Rhys Hughes

Co-Founder | Lead Developer

Rhys is a senior user experience and user interface developer. Rhys also really loves basketball.

Matt Rochow

Co-Founder | Chief Technical Officer

Matt is a highly experienced web developer, technical expert and enjoys playing tennis.

Headshot of Scott Lynch. Product Manager at OT Sketch.

Scott Lynch

Co-Founder | Product Manager

Scott is an experienced business manager, health care professional and coffee lover!

Lucila. Marketing manager at OT Sketch.

Lucila Cordoba

Queen Ninja | Design & Marketing

Lucy is the "Queen Ninja" of all things marketing, communications, and design who loves working with healthcare teams to tell their stories.


The Reason We Exist

You, our “sketchers” (we’ve never liked the term “users”), and your feedback, ideas and community are what will always lead OT Sketch.

John O'Brien. Head of partnerships at OT Sketch.

John O'Brien

Head of CX | Partnerships

John is a health care professional who specialises in creating exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Occupational Therapist using her desktop computer to draw a bathroom modification

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