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Watch these quick tutorials with all you need to know to start using OT Sketch.


Software Overview

This tutorial covers some of the main features, such as mouse movement, snapping, undo / redo, measurements and saving.


Basic Tools

Learn how to use the basic tools of OT Sketch and start drawing!

Simple shapes, circles, squares and lines drawn on the grid of the software OT Sketch

Keybindings & Shortcuts

Faster and easier: learn the key shortcuts and keybindings that will make your workflow most efficient.



Learn how to use the measurement tool in 2D (top view) and 3D.


How To Draw Ramps

Learn how to draw ramps with custom width, length and height, and add landings.


How To Draw Stairs

Learn how to draw stairs, customise each step’s rise and tread, and add landings.


How To Draw Grab Rails

Learn how to place pre-made vertical and horizontal grabrails, or make your own!


How To Draw Handrails

Learn how to draw handrails of any specification on stairs / ramps.


How To Draw Bathrooms

Learn how to modify a bathroom, considering all of the components in this environment.


Sharing Plans

Learn how to share your drawings with colleagues, builders or clients.

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